Lone Working App

I am currently in process of developing a lone worker app. In summary one of the features used is a form where the mobile user updates their status. A client has asked if it was possible that if say a user has not updated their status for a 1 hour period, that a report / email is sent to the management team, automatically alerting them of this ?

Thank you

You could create kind of alerting system with the scheduled report feature. Though you can set the trigger only once in a day (you can choose the time). Making the alert once in a hour would need like 8 reports. Not very elegant way but doable.

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Thanks Aleksi I will look further into this :ok_hand:

You’re welcome

What kind of report condition (formula) would need to be set for the report to send an email if a user has not been active for over 1 hour?

Do you need to check update in an existing record or check if new record is added?

Check if new record is added with new update - for example the care workers will be going into peoples properties and usually these visits take 30 mins - so after the visit the care worker will add a new status (ie visit complete travelling to next job) when they leave property. So we just need to set an auto alert if the care worker hasn’t created a new update within a certain timeframe . Hope this helps

Still not sure do you want to check if the record is updated within a timeframe or is new record created.

If it’s the updating, you could add a ChangeTimestamp field and check if the status is changed. If you have a DateTime field when the employee should visit the property, you could check if that Timestamp is filled and less than one hour from the original DateTime value. If it’s false, send an email.