Look up Formula in a FOrm


I have an app formula with one of my columns:
LOOKUP([_THIS].[Item Name 2],“Inventory”,“Item Name”,“Selling Price”)

My problem is, it is not showing in my form when I have this formula. But when I remove the formula, it shows the column in the form. Is there any problem with the formula?

[_THIS] should be [_THISROW].

It is still not showing

Please post a screenshot of the configuration of the column.

I just figured out how it works. Thanks!

Also, may I know what is the difference of _THIS and _THISROW?

_THIS refers to the current column being considered by an expression. It may be used in any column property expression, such as App formula, Initial value, Show? (Show_If), Editable? (Editable_If), Valid If (Valid_If), Required? (Require_If), and Suggested values.

_THISROW is a Ref value that refers to the current row being considered. It is primarily used in FILTER(), LOOKUP(), MAXROW(), MINROW(), and SELECT() expressions to refer to the row for which the expression was evaluated.


Thanks Steve!

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