Look up value in a list in another table but filtered username

HI Steve,

I have an expression in my app to search for a value in a list in another table in

Behavior - this action is only available for rows that satisfy this condition

As more than one customer will use the table I am going to add another column with the USEREMAIL() for the user. I want to add to the expression so that not only is the value of [*contactName] being searched for in the list [*ContactName] in table Xero Contact Export but only want values that have the correct domain name in the USEREMAIL() column rather than the entire list.

How do I add this

NOT(IN([*ContactName], Xero Contact Export[*ContactName]))



Test that two or more conditions are true:

To extract the domain portion of an email address, try;


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Just as an aside, I would remove the * from the column names; special characters can cause problems here and there.

I actually advocate not using spaces to, instead use an underscore: Column_Name

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