Looking for alternative for SUMIFS()

Hello. I used the SUMIFS() formula in my excel spreadsheet and everything works fine but there is a long delay sometimes to compute the result. So I want to add a virtual column to replace it in Appsheet to make offline calculation. Is there a function in Appsheet equivalent to SUMIFS() ?
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Thank you Marc_Dillion for your help, I’m reading the article

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I read the article but it doesn’t work for me

I have three tables. First table that records sales, Second records purchases and the last on which I want to display the total amount of sales and that of purchases. A sale can be made by different sellers, and it is the same for a purchase. In the end, I want to get the total sales and total purchases for each seller

This is what I want to replace with virtual columns.
Tot. Encaissements is in a table
Tot. DĂ©caissements is in another table

I used SUMIFS() formula in excel to get this resultat perfectly, but now I don’t know what formula I can use to do the same with virtual columns. I tried with SELECT() but no way. Maybe I don’t use it correctly

What expression did you try?

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I tried this. I’ve two criteria. I mean two different values in the column N° Compte : 1 and 2.
SUM(SELECT(Encaissements[Total], ([N° Compte] = 1)))

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I would like to thank you @Marc_Dillon for your help and your attention. I used the SELECT () function and got the expected result. It is sure that I did not use it well. But now it works perfectly in the virtual column. Thank you so much. God bless you

This is the expression

[N° Compte] = [_THISROW].[N° Compte]


Well done!

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