Looking for pictures of epic dashboards to use in video

Hey Community

I’m in the process of putting together a video that will talk about dashboards, and I’m looking for a little “dashboard-porn” :laughing:

- Do you have a really nice looking dashboard?

  • Can I use a screenshot in a video?

If you’ve got a dashboard that you think would serve as inspiration to others, grab a screenshot and either

Obviously the content of the dashboard needs to be “appropriate”, non-confidential info, etc. etc.

Thanks so much!
partyparrot (Appsheet)


Also interested in seeing some good dashboards!


It ain’t much, but it’s honest work:


The below is not necessarily what we understand as dashboard views in AppSheet-an amalgamation of several individual views.

This is simply based on card views to construct what businesses typically call KPI dashboards. Basically, use of card views with other addons shared by our AppSheet colleagues as mentioned in the post.


Honest but true - that’s a classic dashboard right there. Small moonwalker


Names scrubbed out


Hey @1minManager, that’s another classic right there! (^_^)

Have you thought about making that an interactive dashboard?

  • If you added a detail view, for whatever table each of those boxes is a slice for (I’m assuming… Jobs, or something), you could get away without migrating away from this screen.

I would think you could do the following:

  1. Turn on interactive dashboard
  2. Include the “Jobs_Detail” view - or whatever root table they share
  3. Change the settings for the dashboard a bit:
  • Include the following views, in the following order:
View Name (New) width
New Small
Paid Small
Job Planner Wide
Quoted Tall
Booked Tall
Jobs_Detail Large

I’m thinking something like this:

  • Might be too much in one screen though

PS: you might need to move “Job planner” to the end of the list, since it’s the first item on the second row… :thinking: