Looking for some insights and support from APPSHEET user

I am keen on developing an APPSHEET app. So I am looking for some APPSHEET user support and guidance achieving the same.

The basic concept of the app is to create a user dashboard featuring some regular updates related to various counts like (1) User Credit, 2) Total nos. of users 3) Locations of operation (4) Total sales (5) User types, (6) Vehicle Type etc.

User groups >> (1) Drivers (2) Franchisee (3) Agency and (4) Distributor

And the question is?

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Hi @Appswonder_India! I think you should be able to build the kind of app you described with AppSheet.

You’ve posted in the “Tips & Tricks” category, which is designed for users like you to share things that you have learned with other users. It seems that you are interested in asking a question about how to develop your app so I will change your post category to “Question” if I can (I think I should be able to do it but I need to learn how).

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I wanted to set user accounts.
The data is from a google sheet as listed below.


How I can able to fetch the user ( the business franchisee) only data for every authenticated user ?

The business module consist of Franchisee and Drivers. Franchisee are there to sale the driver account. The driver accounts are basically a CRM account to manage his or her trips.

You will get a better idea from the above listed Google Sheet.

Please refer to below pages:

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I trying make a logic for all the franchisee using their respective email to login and limited to view their respective details. How to achieve that?

Can you elaborate what do you mean with above? Provided you want every franchisee to be able to use their own corporate email accounts rather than any cloud associated email i.e. Google, Dropbox etc. to login, that will need Business Plan subscription, also purchase the Advanced Integration Package add-on and integrate an AWS Cognito user pool. You can check out below pages:

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Thanks a lot for the prompt response. It really helps. I am able to achieve user filter data creating a slice view.

The driver sheet is listed randomly for all the states and districts. There are district franchisees representing the respective location say DISTRICT-18 comes under STATE-A, DISTRICT-16, comes under STATE-D and so on. There are two levels of District Franchisees, one namely as Standard Franchisee, and other as Prime Franchisee. Prime Franchisee are ones with multiple districts under their account. But standard franchisee are having only one District with their account. Franchisee are set with a geographic location defined by the districts for enrolling fleet drivers.

So every franchisee can able to check their respective data using the app, using their registered email id ( mostly these are gmail account) as their login credential.

Now I am trying to set a conditional logic for the driver sheet to control the district. For example, a franchisee being a Prime or standard has their own set of Districts ( single or multiple ). When they log into the app, only those particular districts that belong to their account need to list instead of all. What is the most suitable way to achieve the same.

I am looking forward - How to set a formula for enum type on Appsheet Panel> Data > Columns > enum type …

I may advise to setup a USERS table and define in that table which users can access which view and what access privileges (read, write, delete, all changes) with a simple LOOKUP expression both in the UX Views Show_if expression, Security filters and table access modes.


which will eventually return you one of the below results (if you had correctly set an ENUM column with the following values for that Access_Mode column for sure):


Provided you set TRUE/FALSE values for each TableName column, eventually this will show or hide that particular view from the users who are not authorized to view/see


Thanks a lot. Is there any way for using a dummy user id say abcd@email.com with a given password 12345678

What do you mean with that?

I noticed that any gmail account can be used as the credentials for log into the App.

Is there any way to create a dummy user credentials (dummy email id and password) for the App developed in Appsheet. Just a thought so that I can share the same with my colleague for testing the app without using any existing gmail id.

Sorry but I couldn’t be able to understand the need for a dummy account? Of course you can create a dummy gmail account yourself and give it away with credentials to the users you want but for what reason do you think that they shouldn’t be using their own gmail (or any other cloud associated email account) with testing the app?

The dummy account is required to test the App from our end. It is not wise to ask for the customer for their passwords.

So we can create one dummy and sent to the customer across for testing and same time we can do the testing at our end.

Any way AppSheet is indeed a great platform to work with. It seems to be scalable to further extend. I am still evaluating the same.

You have nothing to do with the Customer’s account password. When you add the customer’s cloud email to your user white-list, that will send an install link with an email to that address. When the customer installs and opens the app, the user need to enter their account password himself to authenticate in the cloud.

Yes that I already understood.

I am still not be able to set the desired result using the LOOKUP

What I trying to achieve was to get the user wise individual views.

Here is the error snapshot attached

Here is the User Table

The Show if expression must produce a Yes/No result (TRUE or FALSE).