Looking for the ultimate no-code / Bi combo

Hi guys,

Being an Appsheet user/fan since a year, with a very low IT background, I am thinking about a quite universal framework of tools for no code and Bi purpose. With ability to automate and link multiple tools. The aim is to implement some no code information system, basic databases, professional apps in very small businesses (under 20 people).

At this stage I use Appsheet based on Google Sheet and Power Bi for dashboards. I investigate other tools right now, Airtable and Integromat seem to have great features.

I am thinking about the combo : Appsheet / Airtable / Integromat / Power Bi.

Is there anyone using this package or something similar ? Any pros and cons, limitations etc…




Have you looked at Google Data Studio? We combo that regularly with AppSheet Data.

I feel Google Sheets is the optimum Backend for AppSheet if SQL is not an option (and sometimes
a Sheet is still better).

It’s hard to beat the performance of the api, size, and integration with other google tools like Drive, AppScript and Data Studio


I have more experience with Tableau more than Appsheet. Almost 10 years experience with Tableau, which do the perfect jobs for me to do deep analysis for the complex data.

What I do is to let the Appsheet user to use Appsheet to capture data in clean way and dump to the data source. THen we connect to that data source to draw the chart and dashboard using Tableau.

Tableau is bit expensive though.

What I m asking to my client is to let one or few Tableau geek to do the jobs to create the dashsboard they want and place the tableau file (packaged file they call) to Appsheet app. The app user install tableau reader (free) and open up that file to get the richest experiences for data analysis. Cheapest.

Some may claim Power BI does the same as Tableau, but Tableau is much more richer in terms pof what we can do. Power BI is just extension of Excel from my prospective. (less capable)

All in all, Appsheet PLUS Tableau is the most powerful combination on this earth, until Appsheet team introduce upcoming new Chart capabilities. :smiley:

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