Looking to hire someone to finish our app

We are a small trucking company and have started an app that allows us to dispatch our drivers and bill our customers but we’ve gone as far as we are able and need to hire someone to help us finish it. If you are interested let us know and provide an estimate.

We are an AppSheet Partner and Developer company. You can contact me via levent@able3ventures.com

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Hello we are a company that we are currently working in Brazil. We can schedule a virtual meeting to analyze your demands and see how we can help you. We are in the process of becoming an AppSheet Partner. You can contact us through the means below:

Email: appagilebr@gmail.com
Website: www.appagile.com.br

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I am freelancer. You can contact me via:


Hello @Fouad_H_Saad1, we are very happy for your contact.
Soon our team will contact you by email.

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I can help you get your app ready quickly. I have 5 years of experience developing Appsheet applications from different sectors and more than 20 years developing software.

Can I know the requirements to compete with a proposal?


We have found someone to work on our app for us, but thank you for your response.

We have found someone to work on our app, but thank you for your response.

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