Looking to improve image load times

Hello, I have a heavy image app and I’m looking to improve image load times overall. What are some general rules of thumb for optimization? Is there a checklist somewhere?

A million thanks.

General rule of thumb is simply to keep the pictures at the absolute smallest possible file size necessary to perform the function needed. For example, many current phones are capturing 20+ megapixel pictures at 4k resolutions. That’s great for fine details and zooming in, or displaying large versions of. Total unnecessary in many apps, so for user uploaded pictures I would keep the Image Upload size on “Low”.

For static images that you provide for your app, I personally keep mine to 600x600 pixels at the maximum and formatted as PNGs, but there is nothing wrong JPG/JPEG.


Thanks Dave. I’ll check the app. I also read something about ensuring the images are being saved to a certain directory. Does this sound familiar?

I’m not sure if that actually has an impact on loading time overall, but it probably can at large scale. I believe all user uploads by default go to the same folder. But you can tweak that on the actual column for the images for organization purposes.

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Does the Upload Size impact the load times? Our images are maxed out at 600x600 as well based on the info found here and upload only by our office here but I still see a delay in the loading times.

Default is 600x600, so changing to low, would make the uploads 200x200, but that only affects new uploads. If that size still works for you without causing issues going forward, that should help with future load times. But if users are constantly uploading new pictures, then you’re going to need some sort of security filter or something so the app only attempts to load the ones it needs.


It is worth trying and testing to save the image file to bucket instead of G Drive, such as AWS, which may improve the performance.

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