Looks like lot of things have changed in last...

(Ankit Android) #1

Looks like lot of things have changed in last couple of years since I last made I first App using Appsheet. I am trying to make another one and trying to follow same logics as I did before but it doesn’t seems to be working.

This one is related to getting image file stored in the google drive to be displayed in some of the views in Appsheet. This image can be a thumbnail as well as proper image.

Google Sheet location in google Drive - /Mobie_Apps/App1/Sheet1 Image Location in Google Drive - /Mobie_Apps/App1/Images/Image1

Now in my google sheet table, I have entered the image file location as a column value in rows. The text value is /Images/Image1

My table in Appsheet, shows the column as Thumbnail or Image wherever appropriate but still the thumbnail image is not getting loaded in the app.

Can anyone help?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


To work with relative paths, app image folders shall be under gGrive > appsheet > data > {AppName-AccountID}