Lookup 2 values

I have a table called E.Coli CFU with rows labeled “E.Coli Small Wells” and columns labeled “E.Coli Large Wells”. Numbers in the table correspond to E.Coli CFU which is our final lab result. The user enters two numbers, the count of fluorescing Small Wells and Large Wells, into a form. I then need to lookup in the E.Coli CFU table the corresponding E.Coli CFU level. I’ve read your documents on LOOKUP, but I’m lost as to how the formula should look.


Hi @Fof_Webmaster You could try something like
ANY(SELECT(E.Coli CFU[E.Coli CFU],AND([E.Coli Small Wells]=[_THISROW].[E.Coli Small Wells],[E.Coli Large Wells]=[_THISROW].[E.Coli Large Wells])))

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