Lookup based on a dropdown from different table

I have 2 tables.
in the first table, in the field “CittaSL”, I would take the values from another table in the column “Comune”. I have solved this with type “Ref”.
Now when I take a value from “CittaSL”, I would take the corresponding value also for other 2 fields in the second table “ProvinciaSL”.

I have tried with these formulas but not works:
IN( [_THIS], SELECT(GA_ANA_Comuni[PV], [_THISROW].[CittaSL] = [Comune]))
ANY(SELECT(GA_ANA_Comuni[PV], ([Comune] = [_THIS].[CittaSL])))


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Hi @Marc_Dillon,
thanks for your reply.

It works, but the field that is dinamically called, appears only when is chosen from the dropdown. It is possible to see it anyway also when it is not called?

I’m not sure what you’re asking there. Can you elaborate?

The 2 fields that I call dinamically with the dropdown are hidden in the form if I not choose any value in the dropdown “CittaSL”.
It is possible to see them anyway and so empty when I don’t choose nothing in the dropdown “CittaSL”?

If you don’t choose anything for “CittaSL”, the other 2 fields will be empty.

You can try to enter the expression TRUE into those 2 fields’ show_if, but I’m not 100% sure that’ll work.

Why do you need them to be visible?

If you don’t choose anything for “CittaSL”, the other 2 fields will be empty.

Yes but I would these 2 fields always visible…

Where I have to put the expression TRUE?

Do you mean this?


not works…