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Please help me with the complex expression(formula). If anyone is available, kindly drop your email, I’ll add you as a co-author and I’ll share the data source. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m an AppSheet Partner and Developer. You can share with levent@able3ventures.com

Done Levent :slight_smile:
i added you already as coauthor and to data dource

the formula under Complexity % in [IPA Questionnaire] table.

=IF(BM2=“TRUE”,(((INDEX(Criteria!$B$10:$C$12,MATCH(‘IPA Questionnaire’!BC2,Criteria!$B$10:$B$12,0),2)Criteria!$C$5)+(BD2Criteria!$C$4)+(INDEX(Criteria!$B$14:$C$18,MATCH(‘IPA Questionnaire’!BL2,Criteria!B14:B18,0),2)*Criteria!$C$7)+(SUMPRODUCT(BG2:BK2,Criteria!F15:J15)*Criteria!$C$6))*1.3), (INDEX(Criteria!$B$10:$C$12,MATCH(‘IPA Questionnaire’!BC2,Criteria!$B$10:$B$12,0),2)Criteria!$C$5)+(BD2Criteria!$C$4)+(INDEX(Criteria!$B$14:$C$18,MATCH(‘IPA Questionnaire’!BL2,Criteria!B14:B18,0),2)*Criteria!$C$7)+(SUMPRODUCT(BG2:BK2,Criteria!F15:J15)*Criteria!$C$6))

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Is this the sheet formula that you intend to “translate” into an AppFormula in your app?

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Hi, yes @LeventK

Hi @LeventK, let me know if you need more information about this app. Thank you