LOOKUP formula - suddenly not working in App today, but working in Testing

Suddenly today my staff noticed a particular view was empty, when it would normally not be.
I have discovered fields with ‘App Sheet formulas’ using LOOKUP function are not showing data within the App, however the data does show in “testing”.

I have recorded a video that shows me confirming this problem.

Never had this issue before, and there was not been recent changes in the App.

I have resolved it for the time being by replacing the ‘App Formula’ with a spreadsheet formulas also.

I now am just really worrying about that other LOOKUPS are not working and what affects that might be having on other systems.

Hope this can be investigated as top priority, as this issue could dramatically my business operations today.


Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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Hello Tom,

Is your problem solved ? because it happening to me now.

My lookup expression it’s not working

login result

the level access should be 8 ( this is nightmare if level acces to super admin )