LOOKUP Function in normal columns

LOOKUP function works good with virual columns but in normal columns (I mean columns of the spreadsheet) does not work ; why ?? is there an alternative solution that can do the same work ??*

My formula that am working on : LOOKUP([_thisrow].[ID_article],“op_vente”,“article_id”,“id_op_vente”)

Lookup expression will work the exact same way in a Real column as a Virtual. I imagine you’re confused about when expressions evaluate. In VC, they evaluate on every sync, in Real, they’ll only evaluate when the record is edited.


In my case I don’t want to edit the record and the the fuction works , I want that LOOKUP function works on real column as well as Real column
I try some alternative ways like : creating a virual column with LOOKUP and trying to copy the content on real culmn by CONCATENATE or Similar functions but that does not work

I’m sorry, that reply doesn’t really make much sense.

It sounds like you’re wanting an expression in a Real column to evaluate without having to edit the record. That is not possible.


Unfortunately , thank you @Marc_Dillon Marc_Dillon