Lookup Multiple Data With Any Criteria

Good morning
I have the key data for store sales gifts as follows
While I have data entry

How do I in the data entry table with the “Reward” column I look for results based on the key table with the criteria “Date Start Program”,“Date End Program” (vs. Date in Data Entry),“Location”,“Channel”,"Product ID “Min Volume Transaction”,
"Min Volume Transaction" is the threshold of the sales quantity from the “QTY Sales” data entry which can be smaller or larger than the threshold



Hi Steve coile, how do you combine these three formulas

Hi @Edy_Franoto
What have you tried?


Hi Lynn,i have tried but i’m having trouble finding results when using keyword Criteria from “Min Volume Transaction” VS “Qty Sales”
Help me to get out of this problem

Please demonstrate that you’ve tried to solve your own problem by giving us examples of what didn’t work. Please also demonstrate that you tried the functions I suggested above.

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