Lookup not showing on my form

In my app people must enter rows into an ‘incidents’ table. There is a predefined array of incident types that I store in a ‘taxonomy’ table. The taxonomy table lists each incident and their severity level (1-4).

When people select the incident concern from a drop down, I want the form to automatically show the escalation level. I wrote the below formula for the escalation field in my incidents table.

LOOKUP(“concern”,“taxonomy”,“concern”,“escalation level”)
“concern” is the incident type the person selects
“taxonomy” is the lookup table
“concern” is the field name in the look up table
“escalation level” is the field name in the look up table that I want it to return.

The problem is, when I use this code the escalation field in dissapears from my form. Show is checked but it just goes away. If I remove this formula, it returns.

Please post a screenshot of the configuration screen for the escalation column of the incidents table.

Thanks. Which part of the configuration screen? I attached the part where I put in the formula.

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As shown in the screenshot:
"concern" is not “the incident type the person selects”; instead, it’s a fixed literal value. Does the Incidents table have a column named concern? If so, you probably want this expression instead:

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[concern],“taxonomy”,“concern”,“escalation level”)

See also:

Thank you Steve! You’re right. But fixing this still isn’t making the value appear on my form :disappointed:

Nevermind! Did some more fiddling and now it is showing! Thanks again Steve.

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Well done!

hello Andrew how did you get the value to appear i am currently experiencing this same issue