LOOKUP Value Expression

Is it possible to lookup a value in one table in another and if it matches then change a value?

E.g. I ahve tow tables both have unique line references. One of them is called “Material Take Offs”, users apply the add rows to another table action here and once added the items change to “Requested”.

However, we have found that the status changes even if the request doesnt go through and its causing issues. So is it possible to write an expression which looks up each rows line reference to see if it exists in the other table?

If it is then it is “Requested” if not it is “To be Requested”?

If so what kind of expression would I be looking for, as I udnerstand LOOKUP expressions return a column value.

I have looked into some others such as CONTAINS, FIND, IN and so on but not sure what the right direction is.

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Absolutely! Typically, you’d use an action’s Only if this condition is true expression to verify the action should be performed. That expression can access any data in your app, so you could use LOOKUP() to see what an existing value is.

Event though the LOOKUP expression is not a TRUE/FALSE expression?

LOOKUP(...) = "blah, blah" is.