Lookup value with multiple condition

hi i am trying to lookup a last months reading value with the filtration in date section with last month and other crieteria is house number in the same table. This application is used to see the consumption of the water in my residence area



Hi @HitarthShah, Welcome to the Community.

To be able for other to assist you better, please inform your table structure:

  1. Table Name
  2. Columns Name and type
  3. Where do you want this last month reading value to be shown? is it a slice or just a normal column in the table?

While providing the information, you may want to see also below reference:

table name: reading
coloumn name : last month reading type number

I am sorry, but it still not very clear to me. Maybe something like below which will get the last month from today reading value from the ReadingTbl:

			EOMONTH(TODAY(), -1)=EOMONTH([DateTaken], 0),
			[HouseNumber] = ([_THISROW].[HouseNumber])

You will need to adjust the naming based on your actual table name and column names.

I may suggest to check those help articles references documents and get back with more information in the case what you want is actually something different.

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