Lookup with contains()


Do you know how i can do something similar to this ?

I have a column with multiple emails separated with a comma (test@gmail.com, test2@gmail.com), and i would like to use a lookup function to check if my value is contained in this column and return a associated column.

Thanks for your help!

If I have understood your requirement correctly, you could use a SELECT() instead of LOOKUP()

Reason: Please refer article on LOOKUP() LOOKUP() is anyway a wrapper on SELECT() . 3 of LOOKUP() arguments may not have complex expressions. So you may not have CONTAINS() etc. within LOOKUP()

Finally your statement below means you have a column type list or enumlist that contains a list of emails.

if all above is true, then you could have a SELECT() statement something like below

ANY(SELECT(Table Name[ Return Column], IN( USEREMAIL() , [Email list Enumlist or list type column])))

Please replace USEREMAIL() with value to find if you have some other email to search rather than USEREMAIL(). Remove ANY() if your return value is likely to be spread acrosss many rows.

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It’s perfect !

Thank you !!