Looping over several rows

I am wondering if we can loop over tasks using START and END for lists and Enumlists.

I need to add rows to another table using rows from this table and this table has Enumlist columns over which I need to loop.

This may be a different question but how about nested loops involving children and grandchildren?


It’s painful but doable to handle LISTS and ENUMLISTS.
Have to keep adding Branch if Condition steps for as many as required until max length of LIST.

Please consider a way to specify a step which is essentially a loop over the LIST or ENUMLIST.

Mr Jay, you can do that with Webhook as you are able to use Start expression.

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I don’t want a webhook!!


So I’ve got a system inside an app I’m working that does exactly what you’re asking for @Bellave_Jayaram - but with actions.

  • From a Parent level, we create child records, then associated grandchild records (with the grandchildren being related to both the parent AND the appropriate newly-created child).

I spent some time this morning trying to figure out how I could port this process over to the automation side… and I think I got it figure out - but I only got as far as looping through the list and creating the child records and ran into a bug due to a cycle. :frowning:

If we could get processes to accept cycles - as long as the first step in that process is a condition - we could “easily” implement a system that would allow us to loop over lists.

  • And since processes allow us to essentially “push” data into other tables, it would solve something that’s been desperately missing from the platform FOREVER.

This… might be a long video - just fyi. (^_^)


I join this task.
Before automation I had to solve a similar problem with external tools and I thought that automation would do such things by default “in a box”.
In general, such scenarios are one of the most efficient for large amounts of data with a large number of intermediate calculations.
What restrictions can there be or are there now on looped scenarios?
The other day I wanted to solve my problems on the basis of automation.

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We do plan to add support for looping over a set of rows inside a process in the future.

Currently you can process a set of rows using the for each attribute in “Scheduled” events. In this case the process that is selected in the bot will execute N times, where N = the number of rows in the selected table.