Looping with Actions (Sample App BUILD Video)

There have been many posts about this topic, I thought I would throw one out there showing the creation of a sample app… from start to finish.

This way you can follow along if you want, and hopefully end up at the same place I did at the end of the video. (^_^)

Here is a link to the app produced in this video (if you want to skip to the end)

Table of Contents

Details Time
Opening 0:00
Current Examples 1:27
Video and App Explanation 2:11
TABLES: Getting Started w/Spec 3:07
TABLES: Adding Base Tables 4:38
Integrating with AppSheet 7:37
ACTIONS: Actual Maker 10:23
VIRTUAL COLUMNS: List to Make 11:55
ACTIONS: Updating Maker 17:07
ACTIONS: Loop Action 18:45
ACTIONS: Repeater Action 20:03
ACTIONS: Adding repeater to loop 22:19
VIEW: Using the “Form Save” Event 23:30
Testing the loop 24:55
TABLES: The Grandchild Level 25:53
Integrating Grandchild into App 28:58
ACTIONS: Make Grandchild Records 33:14
Adding Actions AFTER the Loop 37:57

HUGE shout out to @Steve for all the hard work figuring out the base of how all this looping stuff works. partyparrot (Appsheet)


For those just wanting the :meat_on_bone: & :potato:


Hey @MultiTech_Visions and @Steve

Thanks so much for this knowledge and video, I’ve got it implemented into my app now and its working an absolute treat…

Regards, Ben


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Thank you for this, it was the missing piece in my Training app puzzle. Tried the other approaches but yours is neater. In my app, supervisors create a training session, (now) automatically adding their team, then they can tick a box if staff passed training or not. If not, those names are used as “suggested values” for the next session they create until all pass.

Thank you for taking the time to make the video!


@Metworks_IT you’re very welcome. partyparrot (Appsheet)

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This is excellent, well done and thank you.


In case you wanted to update your system to allow for manual data entry for each “thing” to be created, you’ll need to change how things are configured a bit.

  • The result will allow you to create a record for each item in your original loop
    • but instead of looping through in the background, now you’ll loop through a form.