Looping with Actions (Sample App BUILD Video)

There have been many posts about this topic, I thought I would throw one out there showing the creation of a sample app… from start to finish.

This way you can follow along if you want, and hopefully end up at the same place I did at the end of the video. (^_^)

Here is a link to the app produced in this video (if you want to skip to the end)

Table of Contents

Details Time
Opening 0:00
Current Examples 1:27
Video and App Explanation 2:11
TABLES: Getting Started w/Spec 3:07
TABLES: Adding Base Tables 4:38
Integrating with AppSheet 7:37
ACTIONS: Actual Maker 10:23
VIRTUAL COLUMNS: List to Make 11:55
ACTIONS: Updating Maker 17:07
ACTIONS: Loop Action 18:45
ACTIONS: Repeater Action 20:03
ACTIONS: Adding repeater to loop 22:19
VIEW: Using the “Form Save” Event 23:30
Testing the loop 24:55
TABLES: The Grandchild Level 25:53
Integrating Grandchild into App 28:58
ACTIONS: Make Grandchild Records 33:14
Adding Actions AFTER the Loop 37:57

HUGE shout out to @Steve for all the hard work figuring out the base of how all this looping stuff works. partyparrot (Appsheet)


For those just wanting the :meat_on_bone: & :potato: