Lost Changes (UX Column format using simple Expression)

UX / Format Rules I have a simple rule. Based on a simple expression ([Done]=true), where Done is a column name with values . If this evaluates to true I set the Highlight and text color to green and the text format to bold for a specific column and add a smile icon.

As soon as I define this in or make any changes, it all looks correct in the emulator.

As soon as I hit save the changes seem to be ignored.

What am I missing ?

Any chance that you have another format rule for the same column which is overwriting this new rule?


No, just 1.

I’d really appreciate any further input here…

I encourage you to engage support@appsheet.com. In my own experience, format rules are kinda quirky and require some trial and error. Support is better positioned to help with that.

Also, don’t know if it will help at all, but if [Done] is a Yes/No column (which is the same as True/False), you don’t need to compare [Done] to true. The expression can just be the column by itself.


Thats useful, thanks

I deleted and recreated the rule and it seems ok this time, but noted for future ref - thanks.

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