Loving Appsheet but like to learn quicker than trial and error

I’ve used Appsheet for two days and really like it. Bit frustrating learning on own by trial and error. is anyone already using lots of features who would be able to talk me through a few processes i’d like to learn.

On my own, i’ve made a spreadsheet, uploaded it and got a basic info app with links to images and more information. I’ve added views, named them and added icons.

All I need to do, to test it, is:
Have images within the app, not linked to external URLs.
So far:

  • I’ve watched the video and it’s a lot to remember. Taking it step by step means I learn very quickly and can draw more new users in. (I was offered a job by Wordpress as a Happiness engineer. Why don’t Appsheet using such an inclusive, diverse and engaging way to get more customers?).
    -I’ve tried using URLs to pixabay and Imbd picture hosting. would like to import pictures to Appsheet on oneDrive. Can’t seem to master this on my own. Need some demystification of process.

The other thing I need to do is allow users to select items to be added to their own grocery list. I’d like to arrange this by food type to make shopping easier and cancel out duplications.

Any human discussion groups, zoom, one-to-one tutorials? really want to speed up learning rather than fuddling in the dark for ages. First time processes do my head in.


Hi @Sophsweet. Thanks for the feedback. We’re always working on making the platform easier and more approachable, so your feedback is helpful.

Posting in the community is a good way to get help from other app creators. But if you’re looking for something real-time, you might be interested in the AppSheet Office Hours, which is a webinar with live Q&A.

Images can either be URLs (seems like you’ve got that part) or file paths on your cloud storage provider. This article gives a good overview. As an example, take a look at the Order Capture sample app. If you look at the Products tab in the spreadsheet (bottom of the page) you can see how the images are referenced in the sheet:

Like Products_Images/whatever.png means “look in the Products_Images folder that lives along side of my sheet, and read the whatever.png image.” When you add an image in the app, that file path will automatically be created and added to your sheet.

That same Order Capture sample app might be a good place to start for your app. For displaying your items by category, you could use grouped views.

If you’re looking for one-on-one help, you might consider finding an AppSheet Partner.

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for your response. It could not be a slower or more tardy way to learn a new platform. Nothing beats a two way with a human being to ask questions and be walked through new processes to go away practise, learn and make second nature.

Today has been 14 hours of getting a little further each time before an experimental click - soooo much I don’t know and I walk right in - and Error. Red marks and nothing, absolutely nothing will resolve it. Delete, deleted, delete, then just start again. I have restarted so many times today. Ending the day with nothing as it has gone to error again.

Through fumbling in the dark like a child left with a new toy, I have learned how to add icons to views, what views are, tables and how to add an onboarding, add a logo and background image.

Somehow, between ‘project’ and ‘inventory’ I keep getting forms I don’t want and when I change to read-only or delete a form, it all goes to error. so so so so unforgiving. I just don’t know enough. I enjoy learning but I learn so quickly being walked through processes by someone who understands what I am trying to do from a pulling in, expert perspective.

StepSheet sum it up perfectly: “The problem is, amongst the online documentation, YouTube videos and Community Forum, you are lost. There is so much information all over the place that you are battling to get started. Once you start, you’re getting stuck and feel awkward about what questions to ask or how to ask them.”

Surely with today’s tech, like Wordpress and Happiness Engineers, staff could pull in early adopters to get the hang of Appsheet before competitors stepped in. As Wordpress stepped in on so many other blog, website and other platforms. It’s fun to learn, but without rectification, it is just too unforgiving to make enough progress over hours spent.

best regards



Hi Sophie, just want to say thank you for the feedback, will be sharing with the team. This is definitely something that we want to improve on. Thanks again!



Hi @Sophsweet,

Thank you for your feedback. @tony provided a great starting point, particularly our Office Hours sessions which are of high value for learning. I actually host these and we focus on the fundamentals of working with AppSheet. Our next session is next Tuesday and you can register for an upcoming session here.

Here’s a few additional resources that can provide what you’re looking for:

How to learn AppSheet. This post below is in both the community as well as in our support center for easier access.

Data design webinar This recent Office Hours webinar covers the basics of designing your data for your applications which can help with most on the errors encountered in the early stages.

Please do let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing what you create.


Hi Jennifer,

I’ve signed up for office hours on 16th. Got very frustrated Appsheet last night as worked on it for 14 hours and experimental clicks that brought errors couldn’t be rectified and had to keep starting again.

See you on 16th June.

With kind regards


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I thought the June 2 Office Hours was excellent and would be very helpful to those new to database design. I highly recommend it to those new to designing.

I look forward to your advanced topics office hours that you mentioned in that episode.



Oh, @Sophsweet, I have SOOOO been where you are right now… :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lucinda_Mason! We’ll be announcing the date for the advanced session soon.

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Hi Lucinda,

Thank you for replying. I’m joining the one for 16th June. I hope to calculate correctly the UK time for 9am PT. Am really fuddling around in the dark but learning as I explore.

Best regards


Hi Steve,
Thank you. I am learning and trial and error does do that.

Best regards


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Hi Santiago

Thank you for your reply. I found just logging in here to reply a nightmare. This shows the same email I tried to use to login and then reminder of password that Appsheet said didn’t exist. I’m sure I created an account with google, my gmail address and username and password to post in here in the first place. Had to start again. Not easy to get in at all.

appsheet access issue|487x183

I’d created an account below and my email shows in my account. Yet. 1. Entered email and password. Wrong password. Entered user name (I always have to write them as I have so many after 20 years of Internet accounts with all different criteria). No. Tried both emails, passwords - no way of seeing password (A biggie, huge on accessibility is to SEE the password. Am on a home computer not a cashpoint machine) - all incorrect.

I’m in my account with my email showing and just cannot login. round and round and round, so I create another account (I have 3 now and will get to Ancestry.com proportions (so many accounts I could never login and wasted a year’s subscription) proportions of inaccessibility and barriers to human entry. I will never be able to match the right email, to right route in, to username and password so will consign myself to creating a new account every time I want to come to the community.

SIgnposting. Steps. Single doorways. Prompts. Viewable passwords. all accessibility, inclusivity and utterly time saving.

I was offered a job by wordpress as a happiness engineer and would gladly bring more people onboard to Appsheet when it’s second nature for me. I’ve very good at seeing the first time visitor, new customer onboarding UX as I’ve been a first timer to thousands of websites and apps. Communication is a free tool to maximise entry to a new process. Very underused.

Best regards