Machine Readable Zone - MRZ

Would it be possible that AppSheet get recognition for MRZ?
also if it would auto detect object it is taking picture? example: to auto detect size of ID, passport

I believe it is possible to achieve by using Appsheet OCR feature even now.

OCR would be able to pull the text from the picture, but that’s about it. It can’t automatically tell you what the object in the picture is. It would be up to you for that.

Did you try to build up OCR modeling?


Inviting Tony for conversation.

Yea you can use OCR, but you cant “teach” it to recognize different IDs/passports and so on…
and it needs template, plus it saves pictures. you cant pre-edit picture to just ID card but it takes picture of surrounding to.
also i would like to send this data over API to my database/channel manager

Yes I do have similar use case, the problem is current ocr model is not flexible enough to learn the template ocr needs to read.

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@Petar_Blazevic Please send details of your OCR needs to and I can take a look. Thanks!

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Hello Tony,
I would like to use OCR to:

  1. auto detect passports/ID card. (not surrounding) take picture of that area
  2. to scan/read MRZ from passports/ID card
  3. to format data in correct columns
  4. to send this data over api to my government server (have small apartment and need to send data from guests)
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I don’t know where u come from, but storing official passport Id is mostly illegal in most UE. [Image format]

You seems to work with the agrement of your governmeent, but remembrer to check the legality of what you doing.

If one of your consumer, user etc… is French, German or British it will be totally illegal to use OCR on it cause you will need to send the pic data through the AppSheet back-end for processing and training the model.

Up to you, but better to ask the person to manualy enter the info in the form. [legal]


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Hi @Jeremie

I from EU, I want my end result to be not to have pictures.
I just want data from ID that i need to send to government
and register guest to tourist office and police department.
That’s why i would prefer to pre-format image (crop part of image) on app it self
without sending data.

Up to you, but better to ask the person to manualy enter the info in the form. [legal]

As people are lazy today to do anything, ask someone to do something for other its imposible,
they rather give ID/passport at check in (as they have to by law)