Main Menu and lined items

I have created a main menu

Menu Items, Link, Icon … I set this as gallery where I am able to see the menu.
My understanding that when I press to each one of the Menu Item it will execute and go for the item under link, which belongs to the tab named as given in the tab.

Unfortunately it is not executing the above.

Thanks Steve for your response, but my question about the menu of one app where I have created the menu and when I click on icon of this menu I expect to read the tab in excel as listed in the link column

Why would you expect that?

When I looked into the field service sample, in the main menu sheet the column link has same names as given in the other sheets tabs, that is why my understanding it will read them.

I notice in the columns the link made for the app, it is linked to another app

LINKTOVIEW([link], “FieldService2-626900”)

If it is the case, what is this app “FieldService2-626900:” where it is stored and

why in the field service sample tables rather than the main menu, there are such tabs