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On a public app, is it possible to display a maintenance page instead of seeing errors as I am making changes? If I understood correctly, versioning control is only available on the Business plan. What’s the recommended solution to make modifications when the app has been deployed?


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Thank you Steve

I always just Saved when done with a change. Users would get changes on next sync or re-load of app.

Does “Pause app” stop deployments from happening? So I could make a number of changes and test them and then un-pause for all changes to go at once?

As I recall, pause prevents syncs and gives the user a message of some sort. I don’t recall whether it actually deactivates (“pauses”) apps that connect while it’s in effect. It’s easy enough to test.

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I tested it out and discovered that all users including myself will get the error page

This prevents me to use the emulator to test out my updates. I understand that I need to get the Business Plan to get versioning control but I just need users to be redirected to this maintenance page while I finish updating the app.

An alternative would be to change the UX>Starting view to notify the users that I am making changes and they should avoid using the app. It’s not that great either because they can just discard it and run syncs. Also some users might have the app already open and therefore will not see that in-house maintenance page.

Regarding the case where the app is paused but I am a user that has already the app opened, it seems that I was still able to sync data partially by navigating to different pages and launching the sync. I had 17 syncs to process, I manually launched the sync and 3 syncs got processed then received the error message. Went on another page and relaunched the sync and another small number of syncs got processed. At one point the maintenance page error disappears and I had this error message: “a duplicate request is already in progress. Please wait a moment and try again.”.

Not sure if I want to use that feature.

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Should I simply use that?

Looks like I need to do a copy of the app, do my changes then use this feature.

Here is the article that describes the App Upgrade feature. Note that it is only available in PRO (and Business) pricing plans.


Thanks John.