Major issue with my App?!

All of a sudden this morning after doing a save & verify I am getting numerous errors in my App where [_THISROW] expressions are erroring out with the error showing that the column ‘_THISROW-4’ or ‘_THISROW-3’ cannot be found. The formulas in question do not have any such expressions in them. I believe this is some sort of systemic issue in AppSheet, my App is down hard. It was working fine 30 minutes ago. Adding a screenshot - as you can see the code in the editor do not contain a ‘_THSROW-4’ expression.

I have already emailed support, but wondering if others are seeing something similar? I’m not aware of any scheduled maintenance. Thanks all!!

A little more info. It seems the expression [_THISROW] is all of a sudden not working correctly. Looking at the very simple formula below, for some reason out of the blue the expression is trying to resolved _THISROW-3 instead of _THISROW:

If I remove [_THISROW], the editor is fine with it:

Since I am using the same column name in both tables, I need [_THISROW] to eliminate ambiguity for the AppSheet server. I use this same technique in hundreds of places in my App, I don’t understand why it is suddenly a problem but only in ~4 expressions in my App. The last Save & Verify I did yesterday was successful and I have not made any changes to these expressions since then.

Any ideas from the community? Still waiting for a response from AppSheet support…

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I’ve escalated this internally. You aren’t he only one who’s reported it. :frowning:


Thank you, Steve! Good to know I’m not losing my mind. Going offline for a few hours so hopefully it will be resolved while I’m AFK.


The issue is fixed and your app should work as normally. Sorry for the disruption this caused, and please let us know if you continue to see this problem or any other issues.


Confirmed, thanks Aleksi! Out of curiosity, was it something in my App structure or expressions that made me susceptible to this issue? It seems to have only affected a very specific group of users (and only certain tables in my App) so I’m wondering if there is anything I could or should do differently as a take away from this issue?

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We believe it has something to do with the Nested Deref and we decided to add a rollback as it would be quicker. You don’t need to change anything.