Major Slow Down with Saving App Editor change

Anyone else experiencing this today?

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Yes, my syncing is taking forever.

EDIT: I believe mine was timing out due to external query() activity in one of my tables spreadsheet.

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Sorry to hear you have difficulties with the sync time. Has this changed lately without doing any change in the app itself? Has the data amount increased? Are you seeing this with a mobile or laptop? Is it app specific or is this happening with all of your apps?

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It is still slow today. Specifically saving in the editor window. Took 1:15 for editor to re-appear and a total of 1:28 for emulator to re-appear. This is still faster than before you did the migration. But after the migration it was down to 30-40 seconds for the editor refresh.

This is after completing shutting down my computer and opening the editor up fresh. No major data changes. Made changes to the app but nothing super major.

Another app, which uses the same tables plus a few more but just a fraction of the slices and actions and no format rules took 1:06 for editor refresh and 1:14 total for emulator.

Don’t notice delays with syncing the app on the phone.

AppSheet 1778436

It tooks to take 10 - 15 sec to launch app on editor here in Asia, possibly heavy load or traffic in server located in Europe or Americas?
Just for your guidance.

I’ve noticed it on and off over the last couple of days. For me, it seems to compound when editing Card views moreso than when I am doing column work.

I assumed network load or perhaps some kind of memory leak with the new editor layout or something.

Card view is still beta
On the editor, it behaive so problematic.

For instance, when we try to select the filed out of dropdown, it is not responsive to the mouse control etc. The programme and code has weakness obviously that s why it is BETA

It is Card view oriented issue…

Yes, this is the behavior I noticed as well. It just seems to add to whatever else is affecting the editor. But, in general, I have noticed the editor/emulator randomly being sluggish since the move to the new layout.

I don’t use ANY card views.

I still have the old editor layout.

Oooo, hmm, interesting. So something else that coincides…

Not sure.

Lets leave card view issue aside as it is separate issue…

After moving to new layout, my level of frustration because of slowness of response from appsheet in general gone away.
Im in Japan, so this give me impression the location of server App creator is accessing is causing issue?

Obviously only countable appsheet creator here in Asian region , while we have bunch in other regions!

Could be. @Bahbus where are you? I’m in Florida.

I’m in Colorado.

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Update: Got the new editor design last night. Now its back to normal. 34 seconds for the editor to reload after a sync.


I’m having same problem in Australia. Just started happening in last 24 hours.

Please contact for help with this.

Experiencing a slow down again with saving editor changes?

Editing is getting worse. Get time-outs from the browser!

Please contact for help with this.