Make a column in a nested table required before saving?

I have a timecard/vehicle inspection app with these 2 tables:

Table 1- Timecards
Table 2 - Vehicle Inspection (nested table)

When an employee is clocking in, the Timecard form asks “Operate Vehicle?” If they answer “Yes” then they are required to complete the nested Vehicle Inspection Form.

In the nested Vehicle Inspection Form, only columns 1 & 2 are completed at the beginning of the shift - Fleet ID and Start Hrs/Miles.

At the end of their shift, they are supposed to open and complete the nested Vehicle Inspection Form by entering the “End Hrs/Miles."

How can I make it so that the timecard cannot be saved until the “End Hrs/Miles” are entered?

Right now, the employee can enter their Time Out and completely bypass completion of the End Hrs/Miles column in the nested form. Thank you, in advance.

You could check it with a formula like COUNT([Vehicle Inspection][End Hrs/Miles])>0. I’m assuming that “Vehicle Inspection” is your related virtual column’s name.

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Yes, “Vehicle Inspection” is the related virtual column name. Do I enter the formula into this same virtual column? Is it a VALIDIF constraint?

Yes with Valid If. Though you probably need to do that with another column than this virtual list column.

Thank you, Aleksi. That did the trick.

You’re welcome