Make a list in a slice get smaller as you complete items

I have an app where a worker must check the same machines daily. In the first version, I compiled a list at the end of the day. A worker could look back and see what they DID. But, with over 100 machines to look over, all the numbers tend to blend. So, I am thinking that I would rather have a daily list slice start with the 100 machines. When you complete a machine, it drops from the list. So a “Work Left To Do” list.

I have my master data table. I have it ref a different table with all of the machine numbers.
The master data table uses [timestamp] as a key. There is no timestamp on the 2nd worksheet.

On the Data/Slices settings, the Source Table allows me to reference one table or the other, not both. But the idea I am thinking is [Machine] AND [Timestamp]>Today.

Any suggestions on how to solve 2 problems (maybe more, if the need arises)?
1: List that gets smaller as you do it.
2. Resets daily.

Item 1 is pretty straightforward with a slice, e.g. a field that your workers mark as Approved (or whatever):

And then use that in a slice, the list will get smaller as approvals or checks are made:

The problem is item 2, from a conceptual or workflow point of view. Depending on how much logging and auditing you want would affect the design you choose. For example, in a simple scenario, imagine you just have your 100 rows, and no more. And you implement a “change” field as documented here:

Each day, your workers check machines. Each check, they mark as “done”, and your change field increments the date column to tomorrow. Your slice/filter is only looking at “today”, so by the end of the day the list should be empty or there’s a problem. That’s just one way to do it. There are probably others.

I would also add some logging, i.e. another action which copies the finished records, notes, etc:

Hope this helps.

It does. Thanks. I will try it.