Make a news tape

Hello guys, can we create a news feed in the app and in the browser? I hope we find this feature in the app, I think it’s an excellent idea

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Yes tou can.

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Is it possible to explain the method with video or pictures?

I am still waiting for support and help for this question.

Your question:

The answer:

What else do you need?

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@alisheet I use a google sheet like below to import news from different websites. Like the picture below.

You can check the sheet formula used here is

=IMPORTFEED(“","items title”,true,25)


This news is automated and you can do it according to your requirement.

Inside the app. I use a card view and it looks like this.

I have another sheet and its having images and that looks like this below.

Its upto you how you wish to make it look. And videos did not support in card view. Pictures will work for sure. Hope this helps. @Steve thanks for reminding me by commenting on this post to reply. :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I just want a news tape to be, I control the status of news among the employees

What I mean is an animated news tape

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What I mean is to make a news tape moving at the bottom of the page, like what we see in the news channel.
Can we do this in the application?

I am not sure how to do that.

Here in the US, we call that a news ticker. AppSheet cannot present a news ticker.