Make a Slice show as a related table

I have a table that I have set up to show other related tables for that customer (Visits, Jobs, Notes) I like the way this looks. However I need to integrate those tables together in one database so I can send a report at the end of the day with Visits Jobs and Notes for the day. I am wondering how I can make a slice that pulls the information for Jobs show like I have it as if it was a related table for the customer. I can make the slice but am having trouble with the UI portion.

I am doing this so I can send the report, but maybe there is a way to link to different tables in the report that would be easier. I would like to hear some thoughts on the best way to do this.

Sounds like each of the 3 tables (visits, jobs, notes) should each have one ref-type column that refs to customer.
Then you’ll automatically get 3 [Related…] virtual columns in the customer table, and you can navigate to the detail view of a single customer record and you’ll see all of the related visits, jobs, and notes.

That’s currently how I have it set up. Since most of my columns are the same I wanted to combine all the info into 1 table and just make custom forms for they columns that are different. I’m guessing I need to make a virtual column that points to the slice that I made to filter out Visits, Jobs, Notes.

I’m sorry I do not understand. Maybe you can provide some screenshots of your data structure?

Or maybe you just need to make a virtual column with the REF_ROWS expression that points to the slice that you’re making, instead of a base table?

So basically I currently have it set up as your described but im want to change it so i can have them select “Job Type” and then I can filter with a slice to have its show Visit, job, Note as a related virtual column and list them that way.

Sorry that i cant explain it better

As in you want the user to select a “Job Type”, like from a dropdown, and then a view displays all the jobs of that type?

I see a column [related visits by job id] in your jobs table. So visits also ref a job? What about notes, does it ref a job too?

List what?

Basically all these Job Types (Visit, Repair, Notes) all Reference the Customer. I would like the technician to select the Job type from a Enum List.

Create a related virtural column to list the different job types as they would appear when you have a related table.