Make "About URL" actually "Clickable" to jump to target URL

On the App property pane, we have “About URL” section to place URL which appears on “About” view.

For URL, generally we expect it is "clickable’ to open the URL by a click.

Currently, it is not clickable.

Also it could be useful if we can optionally chage to Hyperlink with the user defined text which is presented on About page.



The About URL should open up when you tap “More Information” at the bottom of the screen. Is that button working for you?

I got your point, thank you. Is this text of ‘more information’ customizable ? I suspect this is not.

This text is customizable :slight_smile:

You can find the setting under UX > Localize. In that view, you can customize a number of different strings used throughout the app, including “More information”

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I should have check on my own, but I was on mobile phone last night… Thank you, I got it.

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