Make an EnumList generate from a selected EnumLIst

So I have an EnumLIst where I select multiple Employees emails from my employee data. The field is called [Task Assigned to]

I pick, Bob & Jane from the list and It out puts…,

The next field [EMPLOYEE PHONE NUMBERS] then looks at who’s on the list and looks up their phone numbers from the employee data page and outputs an enumlist with their phone numbers based on the employee data page. The question is how do I do this?

I have found a couple of different ways but I’m having trouble translating it to my needs: This is the post that seems to do what I need.

SPLIT(LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Project Key],Projects,Key,Project team)," , ")

Something like this would seem to be it but it’s not quite right.

SPLIT(LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Task Assigned to],“EMPLOYEE”, “companyemail”, “companyphone”) , ", ")

The following will generate a list of the phone numbers for the selected employees as identified by their email addresses:

  IN([CompanyEmail], [_THISROW].[Task Assigned to]),

Note, however, that the list of phone numbers is not guaranteed to be in the same order as the email addresses.


Order doesn’t matter at all. Thanks I knew it was going to be something simple I just wasn’t sure where to start.


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