Make App From Google Form

I wanted to make an app that allowed users to fill out my google form. Instead, the app seems to only show user responses? Any way I can get it to do what I want?

Basically the AppSheet app is based on the Response gSheet, so it’s normal that it’s showing you the responses in a table. If you want you can change the initial view of the app from UX > Options > GENERAL > Starting view and set it to YourTableName_Form. With this, the app will always open with the form for data entry.

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Thank you for your response! I’m really happy to know I didn’t waste all that time making my form =)

When I go to the location you suggest, there’s a dropdown menu with the following options:
Form Responses 1 (currently selected)
Form Responses 1_Detail
Form Responses 1_Form

I selected the last one, clicked save, and got an error saying Table Form Responses 1 does not allow new entries?

I’m sorry if these are super basic questions - normally I would do a bunch of research myself before asking for help, but I have a convention tomorrow that I’m still frantically preparing for!

Can you please check this?

Yes, that fixed it!

Now there’s another issue, however. My form has pictures for things like design selection and t-shirt color choice. Instead of showing the pictures, it’s just showing the text. Is there a way to make the images display?

Can I encourage you to check these pages?