Make appearance of primary view icons consistent

I decided to take the plunge and change my “primary view” menus so that the “Share” icon, on the left, and the “Sync” icon, on the right, were removed from the bottom of the “primary view.” One side effect of this that I noticed is that the icons appear to be fainter and slightly smaller (see image). If possible, I think the previous darker appearance was preferable. Also, the new “Sync” (which appears in the upper right-hand corner) is nice but one thing that is lost is the animation that shows that a sync is still in progress in the background. If such animation could be added to the sync icon in the upper right-hand part of the page, that would be great. Finally, I suspect that there’s no way to get back to the old style view once you have made the transition. Is that correct? More flexibility would be appreciated. In particular, it would be nice to be able to have an old-style “Sync” icon on the right side but use the “Share” real estate on the left for something else. It seems that that is not currently possible.