Make clicking on the logo in the header open the side menu

I’ve tested the app I’m making on multiple users, and they all click on the logo to try opening the menu. And nothing happens…


It’s pretty standard for the logos on the top left to open a menu.

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Having the Logo is optional. Having it along with the “Hamburger” menu icon does take up extra space that may not be necessary.

I do disagree that Logo’s are a standard to open a side-menu. The “hamburger” icon is the current standard for that. But it is just a standard and AppSheet can establish its own.

Identity building is very important for companies. I can’t emphasize enough how having a logo changes peoples perception of the app, as something theirs, and not just a generic database app.

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I absolutely agree…especially if it is customer facing. I only mentioned it was optional just in case you were not aware.