Make hyperlink text wrap properly

First, let me show you an image to illustrate the problem that this workaround addresses:

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 18.58.36

The second line is functionally the same as the third line. It links to an external website and was created with the following expression in a virtual column:

HYPERLINK(Concatenate("",[Spelling],"/english"),"Link with lots of text that takes the user to an external website")

There are two problems with what you see in the second line. The first is that the action icon is not visible and the second is, of course, that the text is cut off / doesn’t wrap. The missing action is only a problem in the app editor; other devices are OK. However, the text in the second line is always cut off, regardless of the width of the screen:

The first line is a text column with an attached action that takes the user to another view in the app. I wanted the external link to have the same appearance so I make another virtual column with the text from the hyperlink you see above, copied the linking action that was automatically made when I made the hyperlink virtual column, and then attached that to the text virtual column. That produced the third line.

This is clearly a bug. AppSheet has solved the line wrapping issue for normal actions so there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t use more-or-less the same code to fix this. So, eventually, I’m hoping that this little workaround will be made unnecessary. Until then, however, I hope some of you will find this workaround to be useful.

By the way, I looked for discussion of this issue but couldn’t find any. Is it really the case that this is an unknown issue?