Make multiply rows


I got data from a google excel file.
When you see the sports column, some people selected multiple sports.

Can I make two rows by sports when I get data?
example) excel data is ‘Kim 6/8/2020 Football, Golf’
The table should show ‘Kim 6/8/2020 Football’
Create another row to show ‘Kim 6/8/2020 Golf’

Can I do this?

The table shown here is “names”.
You can see a row for each selection in the “selections” table.

I am assuming at the moment the user selects the sport in an enumlist column.

If I am right, don’t think you can.

But if you’ll have

  • a sports table
  • a names table
  • a selection table (ref to sports and names)

…then the selection table will have a record for each selection made

Hope it helps!

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