Make Table View as Read Only


Dear Community,
I need to let the users know that their data is captured by Table View but, without edit option.
I couldn’t find any option supporting it.Only Show_If is there.
Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you

If you want to do that in a table level, you could set the option Data > Tables > Open table’s definition > Are updates allowed? as Read_Only.


Not at the table level but just the view as they will enter the data everyday. But, they shouldn’t be editing that data again.
Ok.I’ll do that Table level access as updates are not allowed.
That’s a good idea.

But, just wanted to check whether there is any option to have a condition check, validation for Views.

Thank you

One option is if you create a slice and set it as Adds_Only. Or you can hide the Edit action button as well.


Oh yeah!
Thank you Aleksi!

You’re welcome


This is the Screenshot of my Table View (of a Reference Table).
This table is add_only for a few & editable for a few others.
Now, when the former try to add from the “plus” symbol, from this view, it’s showing the below screenshot.

This is because, the data in this Reference table depends on the other table which I don’t need table_view

Now, I need our community’s help, where

  1. I need to have the above table view as just read-only, (however, the table cannot be read_only as you have suggested before) as they need to enter data in this table via another table reference) where they can just find their names from the list but shall not add any data as it’s showing only two columns
  2. By clicking on “plus sign” should take me to the Main Table which is referencing this table so that the data can be complete.(the screenshot of that view is given below)

How can I achieve this. Pls help.

Thank you.