Making 3 calendar "check-points"

So I have an app that I am trying to develop that uses the calendar and a list of entries. Each entry has a date-stamp on the day it’s entered. These entries feed into another spreadsheet that adds more data, and that data is used as base for a calendar (however the calendar is not editable so I cannot add stuff from the calendar, only through the list).

  • Entry date
  • Reminder date (= entry date + 20 days).
  • Due date (= entry date + 60 days).
    Is there a way to display these two additional dates on the calendar? it seems I can only choose one of the 3 but not all 3.
    Additionally, is there a way to send a reminder email on the reminder date? (I can create the action do do it, but i dont know how to trigger it without “updating” the calendar table which is pre-filled in the google spreadsheets, not through the appsheet app.

Hi, I’m afraid you can select only one date for the calendar. One workaround is if you create these events with child record… meaning one main parent event and then all dates are like child records. Then all dates would be in your child table as separate records (events). Is that possible in your case?

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Hi Aleksi,
thank you for the reply, I dont believe I understand what you are saying. So you are saying to make a new table that feeds into the calendar? Can a calendar have 2 data sources to feed from?

@Tom_Cat Please check the sample app “Child Calendar” from