Making a daily checklist reset everyday

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a daily checklist or “to- do” list that has all of the tasks my staff need to complete daily for opening and closing (around 50 tasks). I can create the list and have a place for comments but am struggling with how to make the list reset and go back to everything incomplete at the start of each day so that my employees can then check off what they’ve done for that specific day.

Also, am wondering if there is a way to set certain tasks on the checklist to reset each day and have other tasks that are one time items that are added and need to be done.


One way is if you use date field for closing. Then you could set the status with the virtual column if the task is done for today or not.

Are you not creating a new record for each single day’s open and close?

I would like this list to be completed each day. I would overview it to see which tasks were done and who did them

Ok, so how is your checklist setup then?

I would setup a checklist table by creating a column for each task. Most columns would be yes/no type, maybe with a few text inputs or Enum dropdowns.

Upon creating a new record in this table, all fields (checklist tasks) should automatically start as blank.

So I’m confused why the checklist would not be re-setting for you, unless you’ve set up your checklist in a much different way?

I have a collection of tasks and each column is a task that has a status of complete or incomplete and also an area for notes.
The tasks stay the same for each day though so I am wondering how to reset this list at the end of each day so that all the tasks that were marked complete throughout that day get set back to incomplete and the list can be redone the next day.

Would it make more sense for me to go and create this list everyday?

If you don’t need to see the history day by day, there is no need to create new records again and again for every day. If you create an action button with an expression TODAY(), you could add a virtual column with an appformula like IF([Date]=TODAY(),“Done”,“Not Done”). Tomorrow it will show it as “Not Done” if the date value is not update… meaning the status can be “Done” only at the same date. You can even hide that Date field and user will only see the status field when it’s updated.

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And if i were wanting to see the history for each day, would you recommend just creating a new list for each day or how would I go about that?

Yes, if you need to see all the history. If for example one week is enough, you could create one list for all weekdays. Then you would have 7 days history.