Making a ordering system

Hello everyone, i am blocked in my app and would like some advice’s/help.

We are a tailoring company specialized in making order made 3 pieces suits for professionals (uniforms,…) and we want to make an application for our customers to pass an order more easily than our actual system.
We want 2 apps, 1 for the customers to be able to register (putting in company name, shop code, address), Add/delete a client profile (Personal information and measurements of the person who will be given the suit), chose the suit features (Fabric, Lining, customize,…) and send the order to us.
1 in our side that access the orders (being a mix of all those information’s) and warning us for every new order.

Is it possible to make something this complex with appsheet? any advice on how to do it?
Thanks you all in advance for the answer, i know i ask a lot.

Hi @APJG_Kuroishi!

I haven’t done this myself but I’m quite sure you’ll be able to make two separate apps that both work with a single data source – and I don’t think it should be particularly complicated.

If, for example, you’ve already started to make the app that customers will use, all you need to do is go to “My Apps” and tap on “+ New App”. Then choose “Start with your data” and find the data for your app. Once you choose it, you should be ready to start editing your business app.

It may also be possible to make just one app that lets you do things that ordinary users can’t. I’m not sure which strategy is better. I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say.


You can have as many apps as you wish. I would recommend creating separate apps as each app would be less complicated and easier to maintain.

You can build the Customer app so that is uses Security Filters meaning that each customer only sees their information. If there are multiple users for each customer, you’ll need to build into the table the ability to identify which customer each user should be given.

Carefully look over your apps needs and check out the pricing.


Thanks for the advices, i will look into that.

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