Making af Punch Clock

I’m trying to make a stamp watch for my employees. I made it as two actions. One for “Punch in” in, and one for "Punch out. I have used the type: “add a new row to another table, using values from this row”

It works fine with “Punch in”,

but when I use “Punch out”, it deletes the value in “Start” column.

I want the values in the same row in different columns.

The only way I have been able to get it to keep the value is to insert an ID column, but then it ends up in two rows

and then I can not calculate the number of hours, the employee had that day.

Any good ideas?

For Punch Out, use an action of type Data: set the values of some columns in this row instead.

Can i do that when i need to put the data in another table?

Uhhh… No. But that isn’t what you said you were trying to do.

Sorry. Was a little bit ahead of my self there.
The case is, they are working on a project witch has a case nr. That can take dyes. So i need to se how many hours they are working on a specific case. So i want that in a different sheet with only the case, date, in and out. Make more sens now?

Nope, that actually makes it more confusing. I don’t see how that has any bearing on the punch clock. A punch clock is pretty simple: one actions to punch-in creates the row, a second action to punch-out updates the existing row.

Hmmm. But since the each project is in one row in one Table and I need multiple lines for the punch clock (different days) it can’t be in the same Table.