Making an app Public in your portfolio

If you want to make an App public in your portfolio.
1 Open the App
2 > Manage
3> Teamwork
4> Make this app a public sample
5> Click on Change visibility
6> Click on the not deployed (in red top left corner of editor)
7> Change to deployed
8> Go to My Account
9> Collab
10> View my public Apps
Your deployed public app should be in there. Share the link to this page if you want someone to check out your public profile apps.


Great tip!


Thanks @Lynn! (Cc: @Peter) I think these steps are very helpful.

I’m still not completely sure, however, why I’ve gotten the following warning:

Is it because of the order in which I took the steps? In my case, I deployed first and then made the app a public sample. Is that why I got the e-mail? Does that mean that, since I made the app public as a prototype, I can ignore this warning? If so, perhaps AppSheet should not be sending out warnings if in this kind of case.

By the way, @Peter, I made a sample app to demonstrate a problem I found with the format rules:

As I want to get my app up and running soon, I’m not waiting for a fix and decided to get around the problem with a VC column for the same data – that seems to eliminate that platforms confusion about which format to apply. Still, I hope someone at AppSheet can fix this bug.

Hi @Lynn! Hi @Peter!

I’ve had one or more apps on my profile page for years now but I still have problems occasionally. Here’s a post I made about this kind of problem recently:

The error message tells me how to upgrade my account but not how to downgrade my app. I wonder if there is documentation about how to prevent this and/or how to deal with such a problem after it occurs (assuming that the prototyper wishes to stay on the free plan).

Hi @Kirk_Masden
I think now it is not quite as complicated as I made it and you can do it in fewer steps. I dont think anyone should be able to use your app without copying it. I’m not at my computer but will check my settings when I get a chance.

Thanks Lynn! The error message I got from AppSheet says I have several “users.” I must have done something to allow that (or failed to do something to prevent it) but this is new to me.

I need to review all of the options on my own but I posted here because I was hoping that someone might happen to know the answer.

Hi @Kirk_Masden
I dont seem to have any settings apart from “Make Public app” I have no "Users "

Thanks so much! My “Team Work” settings are the same:

I suspect the problem is with my security setting.

Mine has require sign in

Maybe you coud check mine and see if you can save anything? on the Trucks WF app?

This must have been my mistake. I’ll try again with this setting.

I was able to “see” your app but I probably didn’t become a “user” as seemed to have happened with my app., Thanks for the confirmation.

Have a great 2020!!!

Step #9.5 should be that you are required to fill something out here:

Otherwise your portfolio page won’t be accessible.