Making Ref images appear as detail

I have a table of products and a table of images. Each product has several referenced images. Is there a way to have the referenced images appear as a large detail image rather than a small gallery thumbnail as pictured?

You can try to find the “_Inline” for the photos table, and change it to a Gallery type view.

The problem is, for whatever reason it’s only referencing the gallery view, I can’t get it to reference the _Inline view which seems to usually happen by default

Ok, so it is already pointing at a Gallery view. Can you set the Gallery image size up then?

I could do that but I’m already using that view in a different part of the app and I want the images that size. How can I direct the ref to a different view?

Please see the following feature request thread. I suggest you vote for this feature, as well as read the 2nd post on the thread, which is mine explaining a workaround for this. (replace the word “table” with “gallery” for your case)