Making the number of records under a "Group" limited in a view

I have grouped records based on a particular value type, each type having substantially large number of records to be scrolling for a long time to find the bottom ones. What I want is that a collapsed view of the records with a button (named as ‘view all’ maybe) that shows all the records when clicked.

In the image attached, you can see the scenario. The situation as it is right now is that all the records come beneath the group (here named as “Konnagar OHR”) enclosed in red (actually there is more below). What I want is 3-4 records to be displayed and a ‘view more’ button beneath should take me to all of the records, here enclosed in green.

Please help.

Hi @Pratyay_Rakshit
You ca add another “group by” but use " Row number" this will give you a grouped by list including All.


Thank you. Problem resolved.

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