Manage App Documentation on GitHub

This is not a perfect method, but it may be better than nothing.

The approach is simple.
Just save the App Documentation as a “Webpage, Complete” type and manage it in a private GitHub repository.

I’ve tried saving in various file types, but the “Webpage, Complete” type seems to be the most suitable.
However, it does leave a noisy changelog like this one. If this were not the case, it would be more practical.

If anyone has tried a similar approach, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on it.



This is a very creative approach to managing and visualizing app changes!! Good idea!


Awesome tip, @Takuya_Miyai !

You could try converting the HTML to markdown first, and then storing that on GitHub. I’ve used this extension before to download a webpage as markdown:


Thanks for the good follow-up tips.
I didn’t have the idea of saving in Markdown.

With the Markdown Web Clipper, the conversion was interrupted in the middle in my environment, but it looks like this Extension will allow me to track pure changes only!