Manage | Integrations | Import data --- Could we have guide how to use this new feature?

Could someone from AppSheet team give us a quick guide how to use this new feature?

It looks like we specify the name of source app as well as table name to import data onto the current app target table, but we are not sure how we do set them up.



Is it like getting a webhook in?

I dont think so.

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#1 - First you select the table name where are you going to import data (to)
#2 - Select the app that you want to read for the data (from)
#3 - Then finally write the table name where are you reading data (from)


Thank you Aleksi for your advice

Actually it is dead simple settings!!!

Maybe quick test will test us, but the source app the data import from must be owned equally by app owner for target table?

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I tested physically sample app, and it worked (imported data) well.
But once the operation is finished, we see the number of the row. We successfully imported several rows, but alert indicated 0 number. Possible bug.

Would you please send a ticket via Login - AppSheet, thanks.

Sure will do.